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Alumni Showcase: GBPR

Read about the successful graduates of the MEL in Green Bio-Products program, who gained the technical skills and business knowledge to increase their employment opportunities and advance their careers.

Students in this program came from across Canada and around the world to spend 12 months learning from renowned UBC experts and exploring the latest developments in the green bio-economy. They also learned the language of business, gaining fundamental insight into business strategy and leadership through courses offered by UBC Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School.

This unique interdisciplinary degree program enabled our graduates to move into new industries, take on positions of increased responsibility and confidently lead teams and complex projects.

In January 2020, the Green Bio-Products program will be replaced with Sustainable Process Engineering – an exciting new program that gives students the technical skills needed to develop the next generation of green products and processes and the entrepreneurial and management skills to transform these ideas into successful businesses.

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Read our Green Bio-Product alumni stories for inspiration on how the 12-month MEL in Sustainable Process Engineering could benefit you.

Green Bio-Products — Michael Coulson
An undergraduate class in polymer chemistry was the pivotal experience that led Michael Coulson to a career in bio-products, where he is now helping agri-tech entrepreneurs commercialize their ideas and grow their companies.
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