UBC Applied Science Professional Programs

Professional Development

Advance your career

A master’s degree offered by UBC Applied Science will deepen your knowledge base, enabling you to accelerate your career and make ongoing contributions to your profession and society.

The learning you will experience in our classrooms and labs is second to none. So too are the professional development opportunities available to you outside these traditional learning environments.

Our extensive professional development program sets you up for career success. From learning how to deliver a deal-signing pitch to being mentored by industry leaders, you will strategically benefit from our workshops, career coaching and more.

Take advantage of professional development opportunities

Students in the MEL and MHLP programs can access a series of exclusive professional development workshops taught by renowned industry leaders.

Along with the other students in the MEL and MHLP programs, you can participate in workshops to deepen your skills in:

  • networking with confidence
  • learning how to deliver a successful pitch
  • mastering business and email etiquette
  • perfecting presentation skills

The workshops also provide networking opportunities. You will meet leaders from your industry and other sectors and develop close connections with your fellow students.