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MEL Students’ Companies on Cleantech Emerging Rocket List

May 17, 2018
UBC MEL and MHLP Emerging Rocket

Within a few years of its inception, the Master of Engineering Leadership program is already bearing fruitful successes. This year, our program graduates either founded or are integral to two companies on the 2018 Cleantech Emerging Rocket List, recognized for their “great potential for investment and market breakthroughs in the coming year” — the Rocket Builders’ lists recognize both established and emerging companies in the British Columbia’s tech sector.

Two MEL ’17 graduates, Amar Singh, Integrated Water Management, and Andrew Belletti, Clean Energy Engineering, are working with companies included on the 2018 Cleantech Emerging Rocket list.

To qualify for an Emerging Rocket nomination, a company must be beyond the proof of concept stage — customer validation, scalable demonstration project, and established industry relationships. The selection committee looks for companies that have the potential for 50% to 100% growth in the coming year, and are in good position to leverage industry trends or key industry partnerships. It is not only an honor to be included on the list, but also very indicative of strong growth for a company in the future.

How are our graduates integral to the Cleantech Emerging Rocket List Companies?

Amar Singh — Elevated Signals

Amar Singh

While completing his Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) degree, Amar Singh developed the concept for Elevated Signals, a crop optimization software. Attracted to the idea, a team of talented lead developers who had previously built and sold a company to a top ranked Silicon Valley tech firm (Adobe) became involved in the project. Shortly after winning a year of free tech office space at Discovery Parks, the company got accepted into Canada’s most elite tech accelerator (Creative Destruction Lab), and is now in the process of raising venture capital from Vancouver investors. Additionally, Amar established an industry partnership with Tantalus Labs, giving Elevated Signals access to an active sandbox within which to build and test their innovations.

About Elevated Signals: The company provides a digital cultivation management platform that leverages wireless IoT sensors and data science to optimize controlled environment crop production. The solution encompasses Health Canada cultivation compliance record keeping, strain-specific workflow management, high-resolution environmental monitoring linked to plant IDs, as well as reporting and analytics. Using this technology, Elevated Signals helps producers make data-driven decisions that reduce crop loss, ensure quality, and boost profits while minimizing the ecological footprint of production.


Andrew Belletti — Ionomr Innovations Inc.

Andrew Belletti

Andrew Belletti, a graduate of the MEL in Clean Energy Engineering, is the Research and Development Market Director of Ionomr Innovations Inc. — a company that designs, adapts and manufactures ion exchange membranes and coatings. He is responsible for evaluation and growth of new co-development opportunities, supply partnerships and market outreach. With low resistance and low lifetime costs, the company is developing next generation materials to help energy storage and water treatment applications achieve widespread deployment.

Ionomr’s product applications have a global reach, bringing efficient and cost-effective solutions to areas in need of sustainable water treatment, as well as helping clean fuel companies optimize their systems using Ionomr’s customized catalyst-coated membranes. Belletti has travelled to many locations abroa, and is a key influencer in the company’s business development. Belletti’s extensive knowledge in electrochemical and water treatment fields has been critical to his success, being attuned to the cost sensitivity and efficiency demands of the industry, while ensuring minimal impact to operations while transitioning to new membrane systems.