Seniors Care

Program Goals

The Master of Health Leadership and Policy (MHLP) in Seniors Care offers an in-depth exploration into the comprehensive delivery of seniors, spanning from understanding its context to leading effectively to deliver quality care to Canada’s aging population. From grasping the nuances of seniors care contexts to spearheading operations, this project-based curriculum is your pathway to mastering the technical and leadership realms of seniors health.

Seniors Care

Engage in a dynamic collaboration with esteemed faculty and health-sector professionals at UBC Vancouver. Upon graduation, you will be proficient in:

  • Applying principles of environmental gerontology to understand the interplay between aging individuals and their surroundings.
  • Analyzing and leveraging data for informed technical decision-making.
  • Recognizing and addressing non-technical issues that influence the health-care sector.
  • Conducting quality-assurance research that is both relevant and impactful.


Achieving professional success in health care goes beyond clinical knowledge; it requires a solid foundation in business and management. Through specialized courses offered by UBC Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School, you will delve into the realms of data analysis, project management, and organizational leadership. These courses are designed to equip you with:

  • The ability to assess and utilize visual analytics for effective analysis and communication.
  • Skills to evaluate and implement project management processes.
  • Insight into identifying and capitalizing on sustainability opportunities across various industries.
  • Strategies to develop organizational leadership recommendations using a case study analysis approach.
  • A comprehensive understanding of business decision-making across key functional areas, including strategy, marketing, operations, finance, human resources, and entrepreneurship.

“There are so many demands in the health-care setting, and healthcare leaders need to know how to articulate the importance of their work, make the business case to get the funding and infrastructure needed for the program, and have the project management skills to put it all in place.” – Dr. Jennifer Baumbusch, Professor and Former Program Director


Effective management and leadership are grounded in a diverse set of interpersonal skills. The MHLP program enriches your experience with professional development workshops throughout the 12-month curriculum. These sessions focus on vital areas such as communication, teamwork, coaching, and mentoring. With group projects and collaborative problem-solving integrated into the courses, you’ll find continuous opportunities to hone your managerial and leadership capabilities.


Join the Master of Health Leadership and Policy program to understand the significant challenges within healthcare and learn how this innovative degree positions you to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing our world today. Join us in shaping a healthier, more sustainable future.

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