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Why pursue an MEL or MHLP? To shift into a related industry

January 7, 2020

Although each individual has their own unique reasons for pursuing a Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) or Master of Health Leadership and Policy (MHLP) degree, a few common themes emerge when talking to current students and alumni. These include a desire to:

  • gain experience in a related industry
  • accelerate their career progression and take on new responsibilities
  • make an impact on society and in the world
  • move into a higher-paying position
  • deepen their expertise in a specific area
  • pursue a love of learning
  • bolster their credentials
  • live in a new city, province or country

In this series – Why pursue a postgraduate degree? – we take a closer look at some of the reasons why experienced professionals are applying to the MEL and MHLP.

Transitioning to a related industry

Feeling stuck? There are many reasons why people consider a change of career. Perhaps you’ve spent years in working in oil and gas and want to shift to clean energy engineering, or you have a background in general nursing and would like to move into seniors care. Or maybe you simply wish you’d pursued your childhood passion instead of following the career path expected of you.

Many professionals are attracted to the MEL and MHLP programs as a way to get unstuck. They see the program as a pathway into an industry or sector related to their current area of professional practice but that is better aligned with their interests and evolving career goals.

The unique interdisciplinary nature of these postgraduate programs can potentially give you the skills you need to build on your prior education and work experience and pivot into a related industry.  With business and leadership courses offered through UBC Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School and technical classes taught through UBC Faculty of Applied Science, our students gain the business and technical knowledge to confidently pursue work in a new field.

Alumni who’ve made the shift

Abdallah Aburouss came to the MEL in Advanced Materials Manufacturing with years of experience in the consumer goods industry. But his heart was in the automotive and aerospace sectors. The 12-month MEL in Advanced Materials Manufacturing enabled him to gain advanced technical knowledge, and through his participation in UBC’s Creative Destruction Lab Venture Program, he acquired experience with a Montreal company that does 3D printing for both the aerospace and automotive industries. Excelling in this new sphere, Abdallah was hired by the company after graduating.

In the same way, many health-care professionals choose the MHLP in Seniors Care or Clinical Education because they see these programs as a pathway to gaining expertise in a new area of practice. They may have years of experience in health care, but now want to specialize in seniors care. Others are intrigued by the opportunities in the field of clinical education, both within clinical settings and post-secondary environments.

Read more about our successful MEL and MHLP alumni.

Making the change

The MEL and MHLP programs are designed specifically for professionals who have at least several years of relevant industry experience. However, in some circumstances, students are accepted to the program if they can demonstrate that their education and professional experience are relevant and transferrable to the related area of industry specialization.

With their project-based curriculums, focus on business skills, renowned academic and industry instructors, and professional networking opportunities, the MEL and MHLP can help you gain the leadership skills, domain knowledge and hands-on experience to successfully transition into a career in a new industry area. What are you waiting for?

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