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Virtual Care – Revolutionizing Health Care

July 5, 2021
UBC MHLP - Employer Virtual Care Revolution

The COVID-19 pandemic has propelled the momentum for revolutionary changes in health care – most notably, the shift towards virtual health care.

According to the Canadian Attitudes on Healthcare and Telemedicine Report, demand for more convenient virtual care services is on the rise. Nearly half of survey respondents (46%) stated that COVID-19 has made it more difficult to access health care, and seven in 10 survey respondents said that “virtual health care is the future of health care.”

Innovation of the current health-care service model is key to meet the evolving needs of patients and health-care providers. Changing the framework of today’s health-care system and embracing new business models requires leaders to be increasingly pioneering, inventive and agile. Health-care leaders must adapt quickly to rapidly developing health-care and virtual care trends, treatments, regulations and changing external influences, such as patient socio-demographic variables.

Visionary health-care leaders are needed to foster a culture of innovation, leading to improved quality of patient outcomes, increased care access, a more engaged workforce and reduced costs.

It can be difficult to find team members with that rare combination of leadership and innovation needed to achieve these goals. Make your job search easier focusing on UBC Master of Health Leadership & Policy (MHLP) graduates.

Our graduates have an average of five to seven years of health-care experience and have completed master’s level health-care and business courses that have immersed them in best practices in health care and leadership. They are innovators who seek solutions through questions, research, observations and networking.

MHLP graduates are health-care leaders who demonstrate resilience in challenging situations, have exceptional communication skills and the emotional intelligence to manage, lead and inspire teams to deliver innovative health-care solutions.

If you’re looking to strengthen your organization with a hire who can make a positive difference from day one, make the MHLP designation one of your must-have job selection criteria.

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