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The Right Hire Makes All The Difference

August 25, 2021
UBC MEL MHLP Employer The Right Hire Makes All The Difference 2021

Forward-looking organizations are navigating out of the disruptions caused by COVID-19 by rebuilding and enhancing their teams. Hiring the right talent is more important than ever.

You need to recruit and hire professionals who have both the sector-specific skills and knowledge to succeed in your industry, along with the interpersonal, business and leadership skills to contribute to a more cohesive, resilient and sustainable organization.

The 2021 cohort of UBC’s Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) and Master of Health Leadership and Policy (MHLP) completed their rigorous, multidisciplinary postgraduate education at the end of December. These individuals are eager to apply their considerable professional experience and business and technical knowledge to advance complex projects, lead dynamic teams and deliver tangible results.

Hire Experienced and Qualified Professionals

Finding qualified candidates can easily take much more time and energy than planned. Save time and money by starting with a shortlist of candidates who have a unique set of valuable skills.

MEL and MHLP graduates come to the program with at least three years of previous engineering-related or healthcare-related experience. They are about to complete a professional master’s degree at UBC with a project-based curriculum that combines courses in their specialized industry sector taught by world-renowned faculty with graduate courses in business and leadership taught through UBC Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School.

What can you expect when you hire an MEL or MHLP graduate?

You’ll be bringing on a resilient, flexible individual with sector-specific knowledge, emotional intelligence, project management and leadership skills. These individuals add demonstrable value to teams, projects and organizations. Learn More.

Interested In Connecting With Your Next Best Hire?

Contact  us by emailing to or, to learn how you can access our MEL Alumni Network or MHLP Alumni Network to find your next hire.