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The future of work is flexible: Attracting top candidates

July 5, 2021
UBC MEL - Employer - Future Of Work

Managing a remote workforce is not as simple as telling everyone they can work from home, rather it requires supportive managers who can delegate, coach, and support employees in integrating work and home life. HR expert Barbara Bowes with Winnipeg-based HR consulting firm Legacy Bowes Group remarked earlier this year

“I think this has been a revolution. It was something that was thrown at us, but we have found that working from home has really been working quite well.”

To help accomplish the integration of work and home life, employers have started to focus on redesigning the company’s job roles, with the goal of evolving roles to keep their employees engaged. Job redesign typically comes in two options: enlargement; giving the employee more to do, and enrichment, by increasing responsibility.

Job redesign not only increases job satisfaction, and reduces burnout amongst employees, it helps businesses to be more efficient with the resources they have. A win-win situation. Now we have had the opportunity to experience the flexibility that a workplace can provide, this is something many wish to continue for the foreseeable future.

A workplace survey by Circle In, found that 97 percent of men and women want to retain the freedom to work flexibly when COVID-19 restrictions are over. The survey highlighted that “COVID-19 has changed people’s expectations when it comes to [work] flexibility”.

Flexible working options are now appearing to be the next new norm, and employers have started to realize the benefits of flexible work options, including retaining key staff, attracting top talent, increasing productivity, and improving employee engagement.

The Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) program is focused on enabling employers to hire top engineering candidates that truly understand the realities to businesses of effectively supporting, and managing employees online.

MEL graduates have an unparalleled ability to work, manage, and lead in an online environment, and do it all quite successfully. The switch to online learning earlier this year enabled MEL graduates to understand the dynamics of team engagement, effective communication, delegating tasks from remote locations, and managing projects.

When you hire a MEL graduate not only are you hiring an individual with a first-rate education coupled with excessive experience, but you are hiring an individual with an unquestionable ability to understand the nuances of successfully working, and managing in an online environment.

They are truly exceptional individuals with a refined ability to demonstrate high levels of resilience in challenging situations, communication skills to effectively connect with others, and an emotional intelligence level that is keenly tuned to effectively leading a remote workforce.

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