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Leaders can make the difference

July 7, 2021
UBC MEL & MHLP - Employer Leadership Traits

Do you have the leaders your teams and organization or practice needs to excel? The people who can inspire others, pursue innovation and consistently meet goals and objectives?

Whether your organization, company or practice is just getting by or setting a bold path often comes down to the leadership strengths of your team. When you have leaders with the competency and the confidence to assess the current situation, articulate a vision for the future and mobilize the resources to bring that vision to life, the impact on your organization can be transformational.

If you’re hiring new people, you’ll want to evaluate job candidates to make sure they have the leadership experience you need.

An article in Forbes identified six qualities of great leaders, and you may find it useful to align your selection criteria and interview questions with these attributes:

  1. Great leaders focus on the result and not the task.
  2. They lead when it’s time to lead and follow when it’s time to follow.
  3. They put the needs of the team and individual team members before their own.
  4. They foster creativity and innovation to achieve results.
  5. They welcome feedback and constantly seek to improve their performance.
  6. Finally, they focus on teambuilding, motivation and collaboration to lead positive and transformative change.

Find your next leader

If you’re ready to build your team by hiring someone who demonstrates these leadership qualities, make your job search easier by starting with graduates from the UBC Master of Health Leadership & Policy (MHLP) or the UBC Master of Engineering Leadership degree programs. UBC MHLP and MEL graduates have an average of five to seven years of previous professional health care or engineering experience in positions of increasing responsibility and authority.

Over the course of their degree, they’ve completed sector-specific graduate-level classes from UBC’s Faculty of Applied Science and have acquired business and leadership expertise through courses taught at UBC Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School.

What does that mean for you?

It means you’re bringing someone on board who understands the top issues facing your industry sector, is comfortable talking about business and strategy, and has the interpersonal skills and expertise to inspire innovation and build a results-driven team culture.

If you’re looking to strengthen your organization, company or practice with a hire who can make a positive difference from day one, make the MEL and MHLP designations one of your must-have job selection criteria.

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