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How to create a strong application

November 5, 2023


How can you make your application to the MEL or MHLP stand out? In this article, we speak with Clement Yim, the MEL MHLP Program Manager, about how to put together a winning application.


The applications that stand out show a strong fit between the applicant’s personal and professional goals and the goals of the MEL and MHLP programs. That’s why we really encourage you to use your letter of intent and resumé to tell us about your professional experience and how the degree will empower you to achieve your career goals and make an impact in your industry.

Your letter of intent and resume should be customized to the program you are applying to. This makes it easy for the admissions committee to see how you can add value to our collaborative learning community and how you might use the degree to advance within your profession.

Keep in mind that the MEL and MHLP are interdisciplinary degrees that integrate technical or clinical courses with leadership and business courses. You may want to use your letter of intent to tell us why this interdisciplinary approach appeals to you over a traditional research-based master’s degree or a degree focused solely on business.

Leadership development is also an important component of the MEL and MHLP.

Applications that stand out highlight examples of initiative, innovation and teamwork within the letter of intent, resumé or references.

In your resumé, for example, you should include meaningful descriptions of the responsibilities you’ve had in your professional roles, as well as examples of where you’ve demonstrated initiative to make a difference.


Take a look at our how to apply guide. It takes you through the process step by step.

Start your application early so you can take your time to put together a strong application that highlights why you are a good fit for the program. Remember that your application represents everything the admissions committee knows about you. So make sure it is accurate and comprehensive.

Submit your application early. I suggest you submit your application and pay your application fee four weeks before the application deadline. It’s only after we’ve received your application and fee that we can begin contacting your referees – and we need their references by the application deadline.

Have a friend or colleague review your entire application and give you candid and critical feedback. A second set of eyes can help identify areas for improvement and ensure you are submitting an application that highlights your unique strengths.