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Find the Right Health-care Leaders for Your Organization

July 19, 2021
UBC MHLP - Employer Talent for Success

With the accelerated rollout of vaccines across Canada this year, we continue to see relief of the tremendous burdens that have been placed on healthcare facilities and staff over the last year and a half.

The pandemic has created a hard time for the country’s healthcare system. Research published last year by Meghan McMahon, associate director of the Canadian Institute of Health Services and Policy Research, indicated that many sectors were ill-equipped to meet COVID-19 care needs, with community care homes (including long-term care homes) being hardest hit. Inadequate capacity, supply shortages, the pressure to move care delivery online and an overwhelmed workforce are taking their toll on staff, patients and their families.

Why great health care leadership is a must

The healthcare challenges during this pandemic point to the value of leadership – of people who can guide innovations in the delivery of care, resource planning, workforce planning, virtual care, public and patient engagement and continuous learning.

Ensuring your next hire has the clinical understanding of daily realities in healthcare as well as the vision and leadership to make a difference could be the greatest contribution to your department’s or practice’s ongoing efforts to deliver more resilient, higher-quality and accessible care.

Connect with the health-care leadership talent you need

When you recruit a healthcare professional from the UBC Master of Health Leadership & Policy (MHLP) program, you’ll have access to a cohort of experienced healthcare talent who can bridge the gap between healthcare delivery and leadership.

Contact us by emailing to, to learn how you can access our MHLP Alumni Network to find your next hire.