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Capstone Presentations: High Performance Buildings

November 29, 2019
UBC MEL HPB Capstone Presentations

On November 28, the UBC MEL students in High Performance Buildings (HPB) presented their final presentations for their second Capstone course. In this course, students considered a building under design and worked with the designers to propose a high performance energy system that would meet the client’s energy-performance objectives.

The Capstone project gave students the opportunity to choose an optimal “green” energy system for the client in the development of a brand new high performance building.

The project required a synthesis of both technical and business skills as the students explained the reasoning behind their design choices to an audience in a business environment.

Students delivered engaging and detailed presentations about their proposed energy system to the HPB instructors, classmates and program directors. After concluding their presentation, each student had the opportunity to answer any questions from the instructors and program directors regarding their decision-making and explain the challenges they faced in designing a brand-new “green” building. These challenges include factors such as cost, availability of resources, and space requirements that drew upon many of their learning from the program and their professional experience.

High performance buildings (and retro active upgrades) are in increasing demand around the world and are becoming the new conventional standard. These buildings enhance urban environments through reduced energy use and carbon emissions, while serving the needs of the community.

Leading organizations require engineers and architects who have both the technical skills in developing high efficiency energy systems and the business knowledge to lead teams and guide change within the industry.

Sustainability, smart control systems and green building design are key to the creation of our urban future. Are you inspired to innovate within the “green” buildings industry? Learn more about the MEL in High Performance Buildings.

High Performance Buildings

High Performance Buildings

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