UBC MEL MHLP Professional Leadership Master Degrees

Reference Forms

Have you been asked to act as a referee?

Thank you for supporting the prospective student’s application to the UBC Master of Engineering (MEL) or Master of Health Leadership and Policy (MHLP) professional degree.

There are two ways to supply a reference:

Institutional, business, or academic email addresses

To save you some time and to ensure that your reference arrives quickly to support the prospective student’s application, we recommend that you submit your reference via your institutional, business, or academic email address. This would allow you to complete and submit your reference online.

What if you haven’t supplied any of the following email addresses?

Not too worry, the applicant can update your email address in their online application, so that you may submit your reference online. UBC’s automated system will then send you an email prompt, for you to complete.

Personal email address

Personal email addresses (ex. Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo) cannot be used in the online reference system. If you have provided a personal email address as your contact details, this means that your reference must be supplied by mail. You may either:

  1. Fill out the academic or professional reference form below, and send it by mail OR;
  2. Write a reference letter and send it by mail.

Whether you mail a reference form or reference letter, please be sure to sign the bottom, send it in a sealed envelope, and sign the envelope seal.

Once you’re ready, please mail the reference form or letter to:

MEL & MHLP Office
Faculty of Applied Science
211-2386 East Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

Academic Reference Letter

Professional Reference Letter