Seniors Care

Why Get This Degree?

Develop solutions for a growing industry

The proportion of seniors is accelerating rapidly, and seniors are expected to account for nearly one-quarter of British Columbia’s population by 2036. Currently, nearly 15 per cent of the population older than 85 resides in a public or private care facility. While many services are provided in the public sector there is an increasing number and range of services for seniors in the private and non-profit sectors as well.

These demographic trends highlight the pressing need for health professionals with sector-relevant and cross-disciplinary technical and leadership skills who can create the future of seniors care in community and institutional contexts.

Deepen your technical and leadership skills

The MHLP in Seniors Care was developed in close collaboration with public and private sector partners. They told us they are challenged to find people with the cross-functional technical and leadership skills needed to develop innovative solutions, manage collaborative teams and lead projects.

The combination of technical expertise and leadership development makes the MHLP in Seniors Care unique and highly relevant.

Pursue opportunities and advance your career

Our graduates will be in high demand in the private and public sector. Job opportunities could include conceptualizing and leading seniors-focused clinical programs, leading and managing services for seniors in a range of settings, as well as proposing or analyzing policy initiatives for seniors care.

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