UBC Applied Science Professional Programs

Why Get This Degree?

The health care sector is facing unprecedented change as a consequence of emerging technologies, new approaches to providing care and shifting demographic profiles. There is a pressing need for highly proficient clinical educators who are able to analyze practice trends, identify learning needs and develop educational strategies to address requirements within a wide array of clinical practice contexts.

Deepen your technical and leadership skills

As a clinical educator, you are a key member of the leadership team. This program will strengthen your ability to analyze policies and propose educational strategic initiatives to ensure that clinical staff have the knowledge and skills to provide quality care and meet practice standards.

Contribute to improved health outcomes

Clinical educators play an essential role in educating pre-licensure clinicians and ensuring the ongoing professional development of practicing professionals. Through your coursework, you will develop the tools to create caring and collaborative clinical education environments so that clinicians are able to meet practice standards and deliver responsive, patient-centered care.

Advance your career

There is a growing demand for clinical educators within educational settings and health authorities. Not only must these essential health care professionals have a strong grounding in clinical practice expertise, but they also must lead, manage and inspire teams. This program, with its dual focus on strengthening your skills in the technical aspects of clinical education and deepening your capacity as a leader, will help you take your career in new directions.

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