Urban Systems

Why Get This Degree?

Develop solutions for a growing industry

Cities and their growing populations depend on infrastructure to provide energy, water, sanitation, telecommunications and healthcare. Developing and maintaining infrastructure solutions that are safe, affordable, reliable, environmentally sustainable and resilient over the long term is a challenge of incredible complexity and breadth.

There is a pressing need for professionals who are able to develop innovative solutions for our urban systems. Graduates of the MEL in Urban Systems will be uniquely positioned to do so, bridging the gap between urban planning, engineering and project management.

Deepen your technical and leadership skills

The MEL in Urban Systems was developed in close collaboration with industry partners. They told us they need professionals with the technical and leadership skills to develop innovative solutions across sectors, manage multi-disciplinary teams and lead collaborative projects.

The combination of technical expertise and leadership development makes the MEL in Urban Systems unique and highly relevant in today’s business environment.

Pursue opportunities and advance your career

Our graduates will be in high demand locally, nationally and internationally by a wide range of employers – from municipalities and utilities to transportation providers and engineering consulting firms. – seeking technical experts who can also manage and lead teams. Graduates will take on roles as city engineers, management consultants, city planners, policy advisors and entrepreneurs.

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