UBC Applied Science Professional Programs

Why Get This Degree?

Develop solutions for a growing industry

You’ll graduate from this program with a strong technical foundation in energy systems design modelling, equipping you to be a technical leader in the integrated design, construction and maintenance of green building energy systems. This technical foundation is balanced by courses in leadership and business, giving you a powerful skillset for overseeing the design of green buildings, from the initial planning stages through to implementation and operation.

Deepen your technical and leadership skills

The MEL in High Performance Buildings degree was developed in close collaboration with industry partners, who spoke to us of the high demand for high-performance building experts. Government and industry employers are seeking professionals who have the creative and visionary skills to develop the processes and systems that can lead to lasting change, and who have the cross-functional technical and business skills to propose innovative solutions, manage teams and direct projects.

Pursue opportunities and advance your career

Energy use in buildings is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, making it a high priority to design more energy-efficient buildings and retrofit existing buildings. This is a growing sector, with opportunities in consulting, construction, manufacturing and government. With governments at all levels increasing the standards for energy conservation, there is a need for professionals who can take leadership in designing the integrated high-performing energy systems in our built environment.

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