Green Bio-Products

Degree Benefits

A Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) degree from UBC gives you the credentials and knowledge to confidently take on positions of greater responsibility or make the shift into a new industry sector.

Upgrade your technical skills

You’ll deepen your understanding of the chemistry and construction of forest biomass, providing a foundation from which to develop advanced processes and come up with ideas for new bio-products.

Learn the language of business

Technical knowledge is not enough. Through courses offered by UBC Sauder School of Business, you’ll gain foundational business skills, improving your understanding of broad-based management concepts.

Become a confident leader

Leadership development is embedded throughout the program, giving you ongoing opportunities to lead teams and projects and strengthen your interpersonal skills.

Gain a professional master’s degree from a world-class university

UBC is one of the world’s top 40 universities and its programs and professors have a global reputation for excellence. The Faculty of Applied Science is home to one of North America’s premier engineering schools, and the UBC Pulp and Paper Centre has conducted advanced forest products and biomaterials research for over 30 years.

UBC Sauder School of Business is ranked first in Canada and 38th in the world for business and management studies, and the school is known for its commitment to rigorous, relevant and experiential teaching.

Expand your network

As a student in the MEL in the Green Bio-Products program, you will grow your personal and professional network by:

• learning from world-renowned faculty members
• studying alongside motivated peers who bring a diverse range of work experience and perspectives to the program
• taking business courses with students from other professional graduate programs in the Faculty of Applied Science – engaged and ambitious professionals from the multidisciplinary MEL and Master of Health Leadership and Policy programs

“Students who join our program will be learning from a team of world experts.” – Dr. Mark Martinez


Professionals who have mastered a technical specialization and the fundamentals of business have a distinct competitive advantage. In demand by both government and industry employers, our graduates are successfully moving into sought-after positions and new industry sectors.

“This combination of hard and soft skills gives our students the training and background industry needs to develop new innovative products from sustainable inputs.” – Dr. Scott Renneckar

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