Dependable Software Systems

Program Goals

MEL’s Dependable Software Systems program balances advanced engineering theories, interdisciplinary knowledge and real-world applications.

Design dependable software systems

Software dependability challenges are multifaceted, ranging from hardware faults and software bugs to security issues, and can be caused by engineering design errors as well as process and project management failures. Focusing these challenges, this program:

  • explores tools and methods to define and design for dependability
  • analyzes errors and their causes, prevention and removal
  • examines fault tolerance
dependable software systems components
Components of Dependability as a Quality Attribute of Software-intensive Systems

Deepen your technical skills

While working in collaboration with faculty and industry experts at UBC’s renowned Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, you will:

  • understand how software-intensive systems are engineered through collaborative processes
  • master and apply core disciplinary knowledge as it relates to software testing and verification, dependable computing systems design and implementation and secure computing systems
  • develop your skills in problem formulation, organization and planning
  • gain exposure to dependability issues in the most common software-intensive industries
  • gain project design experience in an application area

Develop as a leader

The Dependable Software Systems program deepens your understanding of leading teams in collaborative systems development and empowers you to:

  • effectively deliver multidisciplinary projects and operational results
  • use data for technical and business decision-making
  • understand the critical components of how business works
  • take on increasingly complex and high-profile leadership positions within organizations
  • work in advanced electrical engineering and computer labs that were designed to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing

Sharpen your business skills

Professional development workshops provide opportunities to network with professionals from a wide range of industries, UBC faculty and students in the MEL and MHLP programs. These extra-curricular sessions cover topics such as:

  • giving and receiving feedback
  • learning how to deliver a successful pitch
  • mastering meeting and email etiquette
  • assessing and coaching others
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