Advanced Materials Manufacturing

Why Get This Degree?

Develop solutions for a growing industry

In the last decade, it has become clear that companies must reinvent their advanced manufacturing capabilities to remain globally competitive. There is a pressing need for engineers with the technical skills and expertise to research, develop, test and optimize these next-generation manufacturing solutions.

Engineers are also in high demand for their ability to develop advanced composite materials to create parts that are lighter and stronger and that offer better performance.

Deepen your technical and leadership skills

The MEL in Advanced Materials Manufacturing degree was developed in close collaboration with industry partners, who told us they need to hire leaders with cross-functional technical and business skills to develop innovative solutions, manage teams and direct projects.

The combination of technical expertise and leadership development makes the MEL in Advanced Materials Manufacturing degree unique and highly relevant in today’s business environment.

Pursue opportunities and advance your career

Our graduates will be in demand locally, nationally and internationally in industries where the latest design solutions depend upon multi-material solutions.

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