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The competitive advantage of the Master of Engineering Leadership in Resource Engineering Management program is its combined focus on leadership and technical skills. When we were developing the program, we met with industry leaders who told us they needed engineers who were able to make good business decisions based on technical data – people who understood the technical details as well as the larger business context of a company’s operations.

Our engineering courses emphasize the big picture. The life-cycle assessment and management course, for example, looks at the environmental and economic impacts of a project from start to finish based on case studies of large, interdisciplinary and complex resource projects. We have a course that explores regulatory and societal issues, areas of increasing importance for organizations. And our technical electives, design project course and course on environmental risk analysis provide students with a strong technical foundation.
These engineering classes are complemented by highly relevant courses in project management, leadership and organizational issues taught through the Faculty of Management.

Our students will graduate from this intensive 12-month program with the skills and knowledge to significantly advance their careers. They will be able to move from more narrowly focused or technical roles to leadership positions where they are able to oversee large projects and teams of people.

Our program is based at the UBC Okanagan campus in Kelowna and is taught by world-renowned experts in their fields. The members of our engineering faculty also have very strong connections to industry – in fact, for many years, we received more NSERC Engage Grants per faculty member than any other engineering school in Canada.


Dr. Richard Klukas has engineering experience in both academic and industrial contexts. Before joining UBC Okanagan, he held faculty positions at the University of Calgary and Okanagan University College and he has taught in the areas of physics, geomatics and electrical engineering. He also has industrial experience with Nortel and Cell-Loc Inc., a high-tech company that was launched to commercialize his PhD work and where he served as director of research and general manager of the company’s US office in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Klukas has written numerous papers on wireless positioning and holds four patents in this area.