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The MHLP in Seniors Care is a 12-month, full-time program that follows a project-based curriculum.

Many of the courses you take will adopt a flipped classroom format. This means that you will be expected to review course content ahead of classroom time, through readings or watching lecture videos. During classroom time, you’ll be engaged in discussions and activities to apply what you’ve learned. This could include case studies, group project work, and experiments and demonstrations.


Winter term: January to April

NURS 542: Social Epidemiology: Special Populations
This course examines the trends and social and institutional policies and practices that influence the health and illness profiles of particular population groups, with a particular focus on Seniors; it also explores trends in the social organization of service delivery and their impact on the health of seniors.

NURS 585: Special Topics in Nursing
Enacting philosophies of care: This course examines the interface between aging and health and examines how different philosophies to care are enacted in a range of practice settings and considers indicators of their impact on seniors’ health. The course includes field work and site visits.

APPP 501: Project Management & Leadership
Develop skills for leading complex multidisciplinary projects by using management processes that include: project management frameworks; standards; planning, scheduling and estimating; communication; and risk management. Case studies in industry-relevant project management will be incorporated into the course. This course is collaboratively delivered with the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration.

APPP 503: Organizational Leadership
Understand the behaviour of people and groups and how this applies to management and leadership within professional organizations. This course explores motivation, group dynamics, organizational structure, leadership styles and tools for assessing organizational effectiveness. The course is collaboratively delivered with the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration.

Summer term: May to August

NURS 504: Research & Evidence-Based Practice – April & May
This course will help students critically appraise and evaluate evidence related to Seniors care and consider strategies for fostering uptake of evidence in organizational policies and practice. The course is delivered in the summer term in a condensed intensive fashion. This hybrid course includes both face-to-face classes and online classes; in-person classes are typically scheduled at the beginning and end of the term.

NURS 586E: Specialized Domains of Nursing Practice – May & June
This course is specifically designed for the MHLP in Seniors Care and focuses on the organizational considerations for fostering health and managing health threats for seniors. This course is offered in an intensive format, includes classroom, and online classes and immediately follows NURS 504.

APPP 504 Business Acumen for Technical Leaders – August Bootcamp
An asset to the aspiring technical leader, business acumen is knowing how business works and applying that knowledge with the goal of business improvement. This Bootcamp offers an elevated perspective of how technical skills contribute to building value in a business. The course immerses aspiring technical leaders in the practical application of core business skills and the development of six core business competencies, which are presented as modules: Managerial Accounting; Strategy and Performance; Market Evaluation; Operations Management; Negotiations and Contract Management; and Business-Case Building and Valuation. This course is collaboratively delivered with the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration.

Fall term: September to December

NURS 576: Topics in Social & Environmental Planning to Foster Health of Populations
This course will examine the characteristics of social and built environments that are developmentally appropriate for Seniors with a range of abilities and consider the impact of these environments on seniors’ health.

NURS 560: The Politics of Health Policy
This course will engage students in the critical analysis of policies related to Seniors care.

APPP 502: Sustainability & Leadership
This course helps students build skills to lead change that influences the triple bottom line and explores concepts related to sustainability, change agency systems thinking, awareness and perspective for engagement and communication, adaptive leadership, and change dynamics. It also incorporates case studies in organizational and social change. This course is collaboratively delivered with the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration.

Sauder Business Course
Students can choose a Sauder business course to gain greater exposure to a particular area of interest.

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