Integrated Water Management

Why Get This Degree?

Develop solutions for a growing industry

Water is a strategic resource, and access to clean and secure water is essential for human wellbeing. Demand for better water systems has resulted in the pressing need for people with the technical skills to develop practical solutions in areas that include water treatment, monitoring tools, information technologies, efficient water use and reuse, and novel biotechnologies.

Graduates of this cutting-edge degree will be able to apply the complex toolset of technical and leadership knowledge acquired in the program to a wide variety of private sector, institutional and government organizations involved with water use, treatment, research and protection.

Deepen your technical and leadership skills

The MEL in Integrated Water Management degree was developed in close collaboration with industry partners, who told us they need to hire leaders with the cross-functional technical and business skills to develop innovative solutions, manage collaborative teams and direct projects.

The combination of technical expertise and leadership development makes the MEL in Integrated Water Management unique and highly relevant in today’s business environment.

Pursue opportunities and advance your career

Our graduates will be in high demand locally, nationally and internationally by employers in industry and government seeking professionals who can develop and deliver sustainable water management initiatives.

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